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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting, Victoria BC

Painting Exteriors

The westcoast salt air and higher rainfall means choosing the right paint and applying it to last.

Our painting is bonded. You are protected.

Bonded $1 million

Just so you know, we are a bonded company, which means you’re protected if something goes wrong.


Making your house look new again.

Flaking old paint, ignoring the dull colour, or even wanting a new look are great reasons to paint the exterior of your home. We are there to advise on paint colour and product selection. We believe it’s more than simply applying paint on walls.

We take the time to prepare and repair your home’s exterior before we start to paint.

Preparations to ensure the fresh coat will last include: repair of damaged siding/exterior-trim (and replacement where appropriate), dustless-sanding, and priming/caulking to block the elements.

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Professional Painting Process
Painted exterior door
Residential exterior painting, Victoria BC
bonded exterior painting
Exterior painting
Great homes deserve great paint


Our home is important to us. How will you explain what you’re doing?

Before we start complex jobs or painting the exterior, a comprehensive proposal is written up detailing what we think needs to be done, the products we’re going to use, the number of people assigned to the job, and when we think it will be completed. And we’ll answer any questions you have.

What does bonded mean to me?

Well, it’s our insurance that protects your home, in the event something goes wrong. You don’t pay extra for that with us, as we consider it our responsibility to have. Plus it makes us feel more secure that you’re protected too.

Our place is big. Do you have enough staff for the job?

There are several of us here supporting each job. We have multiple painters who Chris ensures has the skills for quality painting and the professional demeanor to make you feel comfortable when we’re at your home. We do big exterior jobs. Ask us how we can paint your home for you.