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Striped Rooms

Owner Chris Driebergen has worked hard for many years refining his technique for striped interior painting projects.

In addition to painting striped walls – Hockey themed rooms are another Leftcoast Painting specialty!

This one one of the few projects you will see Chris using tape on. Normally Chris, and the staff he personally trains avoid using tape. In favor of taking a little extra time to get a perfectly painted edge – rather than spending that same time applying and removing tape.

Our technique for painting striped rooms began by learning to “cut” (the painters term for brushing around the edges of a surface before rolling it) perfect corners on feature-walls any anywhere else one colour or sheen of paint meets another.

After mastering brushwork – The next step was learning how to apply tape in a perfectly straight line.

Lastly, to paint stripes on a large surface – it’s important to know about the drying times of paint; so that one knows when to remove the tape. Too soon and the paint might get smudged… Too late and the tape will dry to the wall along with the paint.

If you have any questions – Especially about specialty projects, please drop us a line

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