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Pressure Washing

We do more than pressure wash driveways, we can remove dirt, moss, and leaves 3 & 4 stories up.

Pressure washing can be a part of preparation for painting, and it’s a much nicer thing to do on a sunny day than paint. Some of the surfaces we service include:

Decks & Fences

About to have a barbeque? Or maybe, just had a barbeque? We can have your patio spotless in no-time.


We can have most driveways spic and span in an afternoon – Without blasting moss, leaves, and dirt all over the place.

Vinyl Siding

Only a light rinse though, too much pressure can force moisture behind the siding.

Windows & Gutters

If we’re cleaning the wall we may as well take care of the gutters and leave the windows sparking.

Vine Removal

There is plenty of ivy around Victoria BC. While burning is one method of removal, pressure washing and a wire-brush is a safe and practical alternative… Which leaves the air around your home (and our eyebrows) untouched.