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Why Us

Why Hire Leftcoast

Our staff, from Chris on down, focus on your painting needs. We work with you on colour choices and dive into the details for you. And we keep your place tidy and you stress-free.

Our Eco Promise

The environment is important for our children’s future. And some paint products can be very harmful to the environment. That’s why we use low Volatile Organic Components.

Meet Chris

A second generation of painters, Chris was trained by his father who painted in Victoria too. His father brought him up to understand paint products, cleanliness, and professionalism. This means you will get someone who has paint in their genes.

Chris will always call you back within a speedy timeframe. And he has a keen sense for the details and finishing a job to the customer’s satisfaction.

Chris Driebergen


Our 3 Year Warranty

Its beauty is in the fact that we’ll be around, if you need to use it. Chris, the owner, has lived his life in Victoria, where you survive on reputation in such a connected community.

Giving Back

To be truly successful locally, we felt the need to be able to give, not just receive. We donate our time towards certain community projects.

Hear from past customers

What they say carries more weight than what we could ever say about ourselves. Check out their testimonials.